Armrest adjustments for upholstered furniture - also stepless

Nowadays, modern upholstered furniture is much more than just normal seating. They are used for cosy relaxation, provide a sense of well-being, are multiflexible and full of innovative ideas.

And they are subject to a lot of wear and tear. On average, it is assumed that upholstered furniture is used by a person for about four hours a day.

Sitting, lying, sleeping with multifunctional upholstered furniture

Anyone who not only wants to use a couch, sofa etc. for sitting, but also likes to lie comfortably on it or even sleep on it, should pay close attention to the many different functions that innovative and movable upholstered furniture offers today.

Armrest converts into lying surface

Upholstered furniture with an adjustable armrest combines comfortable sitting and cosy reclining. When sitting, the arm can be relaxed on the armrest. If you want to move into the reclining position, the armrest can be folded down thanks to a mechanical adjustment and thus the reclining surface can be significantly extended.

Stepless armrest adjustment

Kemmann & Koch GmbH from Velbert has developed armrest adjusters that are infinitely adjustable. Thanks to a patented mechanism, an adjustment of up to 90° can be achieved via hinges. With the new version of the Synchron 180° hinge, there is even a double adjustment option in combination with an 80° fine latch fitting.

Flexible in width

Kemmann also has various armrest adjustment fittings in its range. For example, with raster steps at 10° intervals, with "pull-over function" for returning to the horizontal starting position or with internal release.

We at Kemmann can also offer fittings for linear height adjustment and for a parallel swivel movement. In terms of width, our mechanisms for armrests are flexible. We can produce a wide range of width dimensions on request.

We would be happy to show you the many possibilities of our armrest adjustments. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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