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Like back pain, neck pain has become a widespread disease. Before you undergo lengthy treatment for the consequences, it makes sense to get to the bottom of the causes of the complaints.

The ergonomic neck support and headboard adjustments from Kemmann & Koch GmbH in Velbert with patented functional fittings can already be the solution to tension pain.

Tension pain due to incorrect neck position

If the muscles in the neck are tense and hardened, the pain can spread down the neck and into the head. In most cases, this tension pain is caused by poor posture. Tense work at the monitor is one of the most common causes.
But even at home, an incorrectly adjusted, non-ergonomic or even non-existent neck support on upholstered furniture can be the reason for complaints in the neck and back area.

Height-adjustable and forward-folding headrest

Just as with the office chair, an ergonomic neck support is therefore also important for the couch, sofa and bed and contributes to well-being. So if you want to do something good for your neck and back, the first step is to opt for a height-adjustable and forward-folding headrest, for example.

Full support of the neck area due to patented functional fitting

However, a significant improvement on these conventional headrest adjustments is achieved with the patented Stepless Joint 30° from Kemmann & Koch. It ensures that the neck rests fully on the headrest of the upholstered furniture and is not pressed or twisted into an unnatural and stressful position.

Paarweise in das Kopfteil eingebaut, ermöglicht das Stepless Gelenk eine stufenlose Verstellung bis zu einem Winkel von 30°. Es blockiert geräuschlos in jeder gewünscht Position, ohne dabei einzurasten. Ohne Überziehen lässt sich der Beschlag aus jeder Position heraus wieder in die Ausgangsposition zurückstellen.

The Stepless joint from Kemmann & Koch is suitable for sofas and can also be used for adjusting the headboard of beds.

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